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34 year-old male from Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to, Japan
Studying: Computer Networking and Web Design in Senmon-gakko (practical training college). All in Japanese.

Favorite drinks include: Rum, Vodka, Green Tea, Beer (preferably micro-brews from the Pacific North West), Coffee (and lots of it!), and Sex on the Beach. (Because I can get away with saying "sekusu chou-dai" which can be translated two ways. 1) please pass the sex (on the beach). 2) can you give me some sex?)

Favorite hang out: Starbucks (most the other coffee shops, in Japan, suck ass in comparison).
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holy hell/afk Korea
Will post picts of the DMZ.

Any of my friends still around?
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Name Ryan
Occupation Global Tech Support Rep
Birthday April 29th, 1981
Interests Biking hiking eating curries computer related crap golf tennis tae-kwon-do kick boxing camping DJing drinking reading contimplating the deeper meaning of life the universe and everything (to which the answer is 42. R.I.P D.N.A.) keeping up with news in both the computer field and political field (can you count pr0n as a hobbie?) music and posting in the LG and RVB forums. As well as the super fly spectre of the dark red persuasion CRIMSON GHOST! <-- is still an interest :p
TV Shows Scrubs Futurama Simpsons Smap X Smap Red Dwarf Daily Show GTO Samuri Pizza Cats Animaniacs most things Adult Swim Lost 24 Numb3rs Prison Break...
Books Hitchhikers Guide trillogy (all five books) Dirk Gently I am a Cat In the Grove (nobunonaka) Art of Deception <mitnik> Little-Gamers book 1 (it's brown!) Little-Gamers book 2 (it's fscking PINK!)