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24 year-old male from Minooka, IL
A computer engineer that went to art school and now works in applied astrophysics.

...How did I f**k this up?

Check me out @Twitter. I do the tweet words on the net web.
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D_Howser FancyBastard
Evolution of Actors and RolesIt's always good to see Jeff Victor stuff pop up on the internet and Reddit threads in particular, mainly just because it invokes a sense of nostalgia alongside a deep appreciation of how many good (and sometimes abysmal) movies our most treasured actors and public identities have played their part in.

I've always felt that if a character makes for a recognizable caricature in a line-up, you've nailed a persona that folks will remember forever. And Mr. Victor keeps nailing it.

Also, how many goddamn classics is Tom Hanks in now? That man makes some pretty consistent work, boyo... Tip of the cowboy hat, sir.
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