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32 year-old male from Manhattan, NY
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been a whilei even forgot wut this journal stuff was about. i just looked at my first entry. i was such a noob back then. F*ck xlink and all of them. LIVE is da shiznit
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Name Samuel
Occupation Office Administrative/Security Captain
Birthday May 16th, 1983
Interests Watch movies Sex Halo RVB Football Baseball Basketball Paintball Swimming Drawing ect....
Music Just about all music but mostly hip-hop and merengue.
Movies The Big Hit The Rock The Proffessional Mission Impossible 1 & 2 (cant wait for 3) Pitch Black and many MANY others.......i love to watch movies. One of my biggest hobbies.
Books All 3 Halo books (cant wait for the new set) Lord of the Flies (not Ring...lol) dont read much