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25 year-old male from Corpus Christi, TX
I am no longer in the Chaos clan even after multiple years of gaming with them it was finally time to cut ties, If you still would like information on it message me on XBL and I will direct you to my friends that are still in it.

In other news it seems that Halo Reach overall is dissappointing compared to Halo 3. Crysis 2 was just as good as I had hoped. I finally fixed my glitched Fallout: New Vegas game. Broke my Call of Duty Black Ops....Again and have taken a new liking to Battlefield: Bad Company.

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Took me long enoughAnyone ever wonder why no websites sells Polo shirts, only T-Shits, You look so much better in a polo especially if you have arm muscles because of the tight shirt sleves, im just saying I would wear the SHIT out of a RVB Polo Shirt.
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