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62 year-old male from West Bloomfield, NY
Before the advent of eruptions, lava had to be hand carried
from the volcano and thrown on the sleeping villagers........
This took much time and effort.

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A Remembrance, The Summer of 65The Summer of 1965 was a difficult one. We were no longer Kings of Junior High but now about to become Plebes in High School. It was also a time when my best friend moved 9 miles away to a new school. During that summer, I would ride the train up to his town and we would spend time fishing on a local reservoir. After a bit we realized that fishing from the shore sucked and the only way to do better was from a rowboat. Sadly we were too young and too broke to buy a rowboat. So after much searching, an abandoned and sunk rowboat was located. Since this nefarious operation of raising a sunk rowboat was probably illegal, we chose to do it at night.

Disney had just come out with a movie cal...
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