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63 year-old male from West Bloomfield, NY
Before the advent of eruptions, lava had to be hand carried
from the volcano and thrown on the sleeping villagers........
This took much time and effort.

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A Remembrance, The Summer of 65The Summer of 1965 was a difficult one. We were no longer Kings of Junior High but now about to become Plebes in High School. It was also a time when my best friend moved 9 miles away to a new school. During that summer, I would ride the train up to his town and we would spend time fishing on a local reservoir. After a bit we realized that fishing from the shore sucked and the only way to do better was from a rowboat. Sadly we were too young and too broke to buy a rowboat. So after much searching, an abandoned and sunk rowboat was located. Since this nefarious operation of raising a sunk rowboat was probably illegal, we chose to do it at night.

Disney had just come out with a movie called the Mooncussers that was about land based pirates on Long Island. They built a phoney lighthouse and on black and stormy nights used it to lure ships onto the rocks and beach. They "cussed" the moon because the light would expose the lighthouse as a fake. Well, one night while working in 6 feet of water under the cover of darkness, the moon was out full. My friend said piss on it, we're going to do this. Hence, our boat became know as the Moonpisser. Once the boat was raised, we discovered it had sunk due to rotten wood in the floor. With the help of a local lumberyard, we got enough replacement planks that frantic bailing was no longer necessary. Next we got watershed permits to be on the lake and tried to register our "new" rowboat. Since we had no bill of sale, that could not happen. My friend went to the local hardware store and got a bunch of numbers which were promptly attached to the sides by the bow. We were now "official".

Midway through the first summer, it was decided that the name Moonpisser was somehow inadequate. Therefore, with a bit of paint, our boat was rechristened as the HMS Moonpisser. We sailed the three reservoirs for three summers camping on islands at night and making a feeble attempt to fish. Our fishing licenses and watershed permits were checked frequently by game wardens and police but nothing was ever said about the boat. She sure did look snappy with her fine paint job and new set of numbers. Now like in the Eastwood movie with the motorcycle gang Scorpions, we were there and feared across the lakes.

We created mischief during our nights on the water but nothing too severe. Swimming in a watershed was one activity that would be severely frowned on. Fireworks that were set off in a concrete drain pipe made a very satisfying boom that would echo across the lake. Also, the guy that used to yell at kids had his boat relocated along the shore line several times. Probably our worse adventure was the night our little 100 ft diameter island caught fire. We hustled our butts to get our equipment into the boat and get out of there.

Like I said nothing too serious occurred during our nocturnal sailings. After the last summer, our boat was pulled up onto a small island and left chained to a tree. That was the last time I saw it. I have always wondered what might have happened to it. Maybe two other kids that wanted to sail found it and put it back on the water. Who knows, maybe the HMS Moonpisser is still out there sailing the reservoirs at night terrifying the local populace.
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