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Ghost Adventures Fail!Hey anyone who reads, I don't have Facebook anymore and MySpace is probably more dead than this site so I'll come here to vent. Besides, I like it here. RvB = The OG site for having a blog. :)

I'm going to bitch about Ghost Adventures. If you've never seen the show, here's a link of one of the more popular clips from one of the episodes. Go ahead and watch regardless, because I'm going to bitch about the clip on top of the show itself.


First and foremost, the guys hosting the show are obnoxious as hell. The "main character", I guess you could say, (Zak Bagans) is clearly a total douche. He's got one of the loudest voices ever and he is the stereotypical buff, jock, asshole that everyone hated in high school. Another thing about these dipshits, they're not professionals in the "science" of the paranormal or unexplained phenomena. They're amature filmmakers trying to start up a living.

Onto the general shittyness of the show itself. Let's start at the beginning...literally, the intro to the show. Zak starts off the intro saying, with such an intense voice, "I never believed in ghosts...UNTIL I CAME FACE TO FACE WITH ONE!" Fucking. Bullshit. Face to face with a ghost, huh? Yeah, that's only slightly on the side of crazy. The way this guy acts, he was probably fucked up on X one night and thought some random homeless guy was a ghost.

Onto the meat of the bullshit. The "entertainment" itself. Here's the theme of every episode:

Find an old ass building where some nutty fuckin' old people have been complaining about spirits and entities for decades. Grab some stupid looking, fancy-ass equipment. And lastly, lock yourselves in the building for the night, as if locked doors would prevent you from leaving the building if something went drastically wrong.

Pretty much the beef I have with this show is that these retards, more-so Zak than the others, starts yelling, or talking loudly (I can never tell with this faggot), at these ghosts and they apparently respond many times throughout the night. Every time they stay somewhere. Every. Time. This is how 90% of the video segments go:

Zak: Who's there? Say something to us! Come and get me!

*random thumping or creaking noise*

All: Did you guys hear that? Yeah, I heard that! It said "hate"!

Okay, that's not exact. It's a pretty accurate portrayal of the genius behind this show, though. They yell at the ghosts, the ghosts "respond" with a random word or two and they act freaked out. Then, a bit later, one of them either acts partially possessed or they act like some piece of equipment moved itself when they weren't around.

Fuck, dude. The house I live in isn't even super old and it makes some crazy, weird-ass noises every single day and every single night. You wander your ass into a 100+ year old, vacant, half destroyed building and it's bound to make some crazy ass noises over the course of the night. Them, being retards, hear the building making noises...in the middle of the night...in the dark and they start freaking out and interpreting these noises as voices or other sorts of paranormal activity.

What really grinds my gears about this garbage is that there's literally been a marathon of this bullshit on Travel Channel since last night. I can't believe I'm missing out on Man v. Food greatness for this sorry excuse for entertainment. The fact that they're running a marathon means there are seriously avid fans of this trash.

It's literally shit like this that's ruining television and helping bruise Americans' reputation with other countries and our overall intellect as a country. I felt like I was becoming less intelligent across the two episodes I watched last night and the two minute clip on YouTube.

Do me a favor. If you watch this show, stop. If you're addicted to it, destroy your TV. Thanks.

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