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Featured User? How can this be?!?!?!It appears that I have been randomly chosen as Featured User today, so thank you, Sorting Hat, or whatever does the picking of such things! I would also like to thank the whole of Roosterteeth and the massive community that has sprung up around it over the last 10 years. RvB has been an important aspect of my life since I first saw it, and help mold(and disfigure) my sense of humor during those crucial early twenties years. And having attended the first 2 RTXs and the 2 RTMNs up here in Minnesota have been some of the highlights from the last couple of years.

I would also like to re-thank the community, as it has introduced me to some very good friends in the last two years. Even though I had been watching RvB since Episode 4 or 5(I just remember it was before Church died, caution decade old spoiler) I didn't attend an event until forcefully coerced by my good friend Jennacide, who I introduced to RvB.

So, again, thank you to RT for giving all it has to me, and to everyone who keeps the community machine moving!

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