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24 year-old male from Cortland, NY
I am a serious gamer, and I am an unorthodox musician; when it comes to school I am usually an underachiever, but I always pass.
I am an activist, and a pacifist, but I do practice martial arts. Usually people think I am a stoner because of how laid back and absent minded I am, but really I'm just Absent minded and laid back. I am a deeply philosophical thinker and I'm really cool; I am also very humble, just ask me! I am also only 17, I put 20 on my profile so as to avoid certain people, but I won't go into any detail about that... (I figure the people I am trying to avoid won't look to closely at my page, they aren't bright.
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Left behindIt feels like the world has turned its back on me. I guess I'll be checking out now.
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Name Daniel Schenck
Birthday May 13th, 1991
Interests Playing the guitar drums bass singing reading political satire bill maher al franken Denis Leary George carlin (may the god I don't believe in rest his soul) music is very important to me impressionist art violent video games non-violent videogames web design political process atheism agnosticism catholiscism hinduism Buddhism Taoism Islam Scientology mormonism Shintoism voodoo hoodoo I do? You do! Preserving peace breaking the law saving time blowing money keeping my cool and going insane.
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Music System of a Down Red Hot Chili Peppers Nirvana Audioslave Soul Asylum and Soul Coughing.
Movies Donnie Darko Ghost World Religulous Roxanne the librarian Gothika Denis Leary: Lock n Load pulp fiction natural born killers reservoir dogs suicide kings night watch day watch point break
TV Shows the late show with david letterman naruto scrubs the X files Dragon Ball Z.
Books Cat's Cradle the Shining Everything's Eventual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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