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31 year-old male from @THAZOOTOWN MONTANA
I do photography, writing, and some music composition/production. I have a filmmaker's eye, and I look at the world through a camera lens. I'm a tea bagging conservative (more Independance less government dependence), moral relativism annoys me (like who are you to decide right from wrong?). Mormon (albeit not a great one), and I try to be friendly to others even if they aren't to me. I spend most of my time playing xbox and watching Greg Gutfeld, working, and hiking.
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Into the EtherI know this is going out into nowhere (or like the Khajiit's homeland of Elswyre, I always like that) but I've got some issues with Microsoft's handling of the Xbox One's rollout.

Firstly, I'm the kinda guy that I like unique things. My 360 was a Limited Edition console because I didn't want the basic black or off white that most everyone else would have. So when the One was announced, with Titanfall being the first big title I was sure that there was going to be a Titanfall LE console on the market. That would've had me in the Xbox One ecosystem virtually from day One. I would've experienced Titanfall day one, Destiny day one, when I choose to pick up a franchise, it takes a lot to make me put it down and walk away. I do tend to be a devotee and put a good portion of my dollars there. But there was no Titanfall LE console. And at this state in it's life cycle, I just don't see the point of jumping into it. The player base has shrunk down, and those still playing are going to be very good at it, and I just wouldn't enjoy the experience. Same with Destiny. I've never been an MMO person, and while I hear Destiny is or isn't an MMO, I don't like going into a system where other's have already experienced something I'm new to, if that makes any sense. It's different than a game like Halo, or Skyrim, where the worlds and campaigns are insular unto themselves. No one is running around my Skyrim campaign looting shit and killing bosses. It's why I didn't bother with WoW or The Old Republic. It would be like a sloppy seconds kind of a thing.

So because I couldn't be part of the first wave of Titanfall, and Destiny, those are franchises I'm never going to touch and never going to put my dollars towards the same way I have for Halo and COD. If Microsoft had released a Titanfall LE console bundle day one, I absolutely would be.

But this brings me to my second point. I picked up my Advanced Warfare console Monday from GameStop (which was great). There was a fifty dollar price drop. I had previously put two hundred down on it, and when I went in to pick it up, I was expecting to round out the 300 bucks. Nope, 250. A nice surprise. So I get the console home, unbox it, set it up, and it has to install a 512 mb update. Wouldn't be a big deal, but I live kinda in the sticks in Montana. The best connection we could get was 1mp per second. I kid you not. So I set it up to install the update while I took a nap before work.

I wake up to find an error screen.

Restart the box, restart the update and go to work.

Come home, xbox is off. Turn it on and it restarts the update.

So I take fifteen minutes to go make some food, come back and it's sixty percent done. Hey, nice. Wait around another twenty minutes and I'm ready to set up. Great. I figure new box, new gamertag (still using my 360, don't want to take away that tag) and every gamertag I've wanted to use was taken. PREDATOR1987, PREDATOR8797. I like the classic PREDATOR and his PREDATOR 2 counterparts.

So I go a little outside the box with Dovah Fett.

Got it, let's finish the set up.

Advanced Warfare didn't come with a physical copy, so maybe it was preinstalled. Nah.

Came with a download code.

Used the download code, has to install.

45.92 GB, it's been "installing" for over an hour now, and we're still at 1%. No one seems to account for the fact that not everyone has super high speed internet. Not everyone has a great wifi or 4g connection. It's a problem I run into with the RT Podcast. Because they're "enhanced", they take the longest to download/stream, the longest to show up as a new episode, have the most frequent playback errors (I either get this episode of the Rooster Teeth Podcast is temporarily unavailable, or it plays without audio). I don't get these kinds of errors nearly as much with other podcasts, because they aren't enhanced. Rooster Teeth is the only podcast I listen to that's enhanced, and it's the only one that's this problematic.

At the rate of installation, I'll be playing Advanced Warfare by this time tomorrow.

So much for the Day Zero Edition.
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