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31 year-old male from @THAZOOTOWN MONTANA
I do photography, writing, and some music composition/production. I have a filmmaker's eye, and I look at the world through a camera lens. I'm a tea bagging conservative (more Independance less government dependence), moral relativism annoys me (like who are you to decide right from wrong?). Mormon (albeit not a great one), and I try to be friendly to others even if they aren't to me. I spend most of my time playing xbox and watching Charlamagne Tha God, working, and hiking.
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Daneja2002 On HighHorse
Untitled (How Does It Feel?)You came along when I had given up
A stick in the mud so stuck
Disillusioned by the thought of love and what it does
When you stepped in I didn’t want to know who you was
Didn’t wanna feel what I did at first sight all because
I knew what it would go to, this moment here
Eyes open or closed, headphones on and I can still hear you whispering in my ear
Telling me you want forever
And never did I think you would ever be my worst fear
A broken heart
And oh God how can I pick up these aching shards
Sharp cuts more every time I try, slicing emptiness to my core
So sore, I didn’t want to have do this anymore
The starting over, don’t want someone new
Hurts more, ‘cause I knew I had found
What I’m looking for in you

And I still gotta believe I did
Give you time and space
Hope that you’ll come back again
It’s not about the L, not about the win
Not about “Never Quit”,
Just never giving in to the dark
Gotta keep my spark keep a light
Burning bright, it’s worth the fight
Just to be the one to hold you again so tight
To feel your skin on mine
To feel you breathe right next to me
Everything I wanna see
Is in your eyes when you looked at me
And I could be, just have a little faith and trust in me
I slipped and slid a little, battling insecurities
A flurry of emotions, ‘cause I was so stolen
Can you blame me?

A light in the dark, a whisper of a thrill
With a smile that lights, and eyes that kill
Still, can't believe I wished you were like the other girls
Now I wish all the other girls were you, so true
You were the sun on the horizon, pushing away the dark
Only to set with no moon in check while the dark holds me apart
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