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24 year-old female from Corpus Christi, TX

I am DANIELLE! You can call me Danielle or Dani. Whatever floats your boat. um let's see.. I can be your worst enemy or I can be your best Buddy. I guess it all depends on you. Here's some stuff about Mrs. Skellington. hehe

*I LOVE Green Day when they were younger! And I'm an obsessive fan

*I love music.

*I think Billie Joe and Jack Skellington are the sexiest men/bones on the face of the Earth.

*I LOVE hanging out
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mHmGot it off of Gearin's page and I was bored so.... thanks Gearin. lol
001: Name: Danielle *IS NOT SAYING MY MIDDLE NAME* Hernandez
002. Nickname: Dani.... got a few others but they're unmentionable
003. Single or taken: Taken and OH SO happy. : )
004. Zodiac Sign- Sag.
005. Male or Female- freakin Female! Duh.
006. Elementary School - huh?
007. Favorite Color - GREEN, PURPLE and... black.
008. How many buddies on your RvB? - not enough
009. Screen name -I got a few, But the most used is Dani Cakes,don't call me that though
010. Hair Color- depends on my mood *winks*
011. long or short - short
014. Eye Color - brown. meh....
015. Are you health freak- um.... OBVIOUSLY not!
016. Height - 5'2. 5'3 on a good day. hehe
017. Do you have a crush on someone- I do. But I wouldn't call it a crush
020. Think you're awesome - sometimes? maybe.
021. Piercings - not enough
022. Tattoos - not yet.
023. Right or Left - RIGHT

___Your 'Firsts'___

024. First surgery - hm.... I'm not sure
025. First piercing - before I was one.
026. First real best friend - hm... some chick named Judy
028. First Sport- sports? um softball I think. And damn did I suck! lol
029. First Pet- Charlie and he died so fuck you!
030. First vacation - I don't remember
031. First Concert - wow, Green Day a few years back but recently I've been to many! :D
032. First Car- um...not yet.

049. Eating - its Thanksgiving and I just ate turkey etc... I'm full as shit so I'm not eating anything!
050. I'm drinking - nothing or I'd barf
051. Thinking about - may be banned from the site if I say. *gasps*
052. I'm about to - cry if SOMEONE doesn't log onto MSN REALLLLLY soon
053. Listening to - Ring of Fire by Social Distortion
055. Waiting For - the day that I'm old enough to move to Canada and....wouldn't u like to know?
057. Wearing - black-hearted shirt, jeans, shoes, bow.. socks?
___Your Future__
058. Want Kids? yes. Two plz. *winks*
0059. Want to Get Married? yup and I've found him. : )
060. Careers in Mind - if I'd say, you'd laugh

__Which is better with the opposite sex?__
068. Lips or Eyes? eyes!
069. Hugs or Kisses - noth and much more.
070. Shorter or Taller - taller. At least a little
071. Funny or Serious - Both, but gotta be funny most of the time
072. Romantic, Spontaneous - Both
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms - eh? I don't really care about the body. But he just has to fit on a bed. lol
074. Sensitive or Loud- Both
075. Hook-up or Relationship - well... hook-up meaning sex, then I'd want a relationship. cause we can make love. ; )
076. Love or Lust - Love
077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? - Both

___Have you ever___
078. Kissed a Stranger - I'm not sure
079. Drank bubbles - who hasn't? *looks around*
080. Lost glasses/contacts - OOOOH yeah
081. Ran Away From home - can't say.
082. Broken any bones - Nope.
083. Done something you regret - many things..
084. Broken Someone's Heart - I have but I repaired it. : )
085. Been Arrested - Nope.
086. Turned Someone Down - yeah.
087. Cried When Someone Died - not really.
088. Cried at work or school - many times unfortunately

___Do You Believe In___
089. Yourself - eh...
090. Miracles - Yes.
091. Love at first sight -um... not sure
092. Fate - DEFINATELY!.
093. Aliens - Yep
094. Magic - Yes.
095. Heaven - Yes.
096. Sex on the first date - sex is different from making love. But I wouldn't have sex either.
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Name Danielle
Occupation unofficial pychiatrist.....and a patient
Birthday December 15th, 1990
Interests hehe I love to talk and well dressing up is a hobby of mine. I';m still stuck in my little kid phases. Oh and I doodle too much and I suffer from ADD when it';s convenient for me. *winks*
Music *GREEN DAY (LYKE DUH!) * Misfits *; Ramones * the Casualties * Cheap Sex * Dropkick Murphys * NOFX * Sex Pistols * the Bruisers * THURSDAY * From First to Last * Aiden * Black Flag * Leftover Crack * the Unseen * the Distillers * the Dollyrots * Dead Kennedys * Anti-Flag * the Matches * Bad Religon * Reel Big Fish * Goldfinger * Franz Ferdinand * the Murderdolls * the Rakes * the Offspring * Sublime * the Exploited * Avenged Sevenfold * AFI * Hawthorne Heights * Lacuna Coil * Trivium * ATREYU * Breaking Benjamin * Taking Back Sunday * Red Hot Chilli Peppers * CKY * Coheed and Cambria * Blink 182 * Alkaline Trio * 10 Years * My Chemical Romance * Hinder * Panic! at the Disco * Slipknot (sometimes) * System of a Down * Papa Roach * Nsync (looks around) * Weezer * Velvet Revolver * Smashing Pumpkins * Joan Jett and the Blackhearts * the Eyeliners * the Used * the Gimmicks * the Who * Bloc Party * the Donna's * etc..
Movies A Night at the Roxbury A Nightmare Before Christmas The Wedding Singer Dropdead Fred What's eating Gilbert Grape Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory Spongebob the movie Breakfast Club a League of their own the Outsiders st. elmo's fire the New Guy Reefer Madness Dazed and confused Drop Dead Fred Scary Movie 1 2 & 3 Grease 2 Ferris Buelers Day off Bad News Bears and Flowers in the Attic 16 candles Napoleon Dynamite mean girls the waterboy Billy Madison the Ring 1 & 2 pretty in pink the excorcist Dirty Dancing Clueless and Riding in Vans with Boys.
TV Shows South Park! Mind of Mencia most shows on MTV and um... well really I don9;t watch too much T.V anymore.
Books does it look like I read?