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31 year-old male from Toronto, Ontario
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Rooster Teeth 8-Bit Game (Concept Art)Hi everyone,

I dont post much, but heck, I guess now is a good time to announce a little project I've been working on during my free time. I'm an architect, who started out as a computer scientist, and I've never lost my love for programming or gaming. I've had this started with this concept a very long time ago, to make an Unity Game, in the 8-bit style, based on all your favourite RT personnel. The game is a beat-em up, in which each RT personality will have their own special moves, and special combo power ups (ex: Gavin will have the ability to slow down time, Gus will turn into SuperGUS!) and playable on your mobile device, and Xbox live! Characters are also grouped into teams, and stages are based on your favourite RT locations (such as the RT podcast set, or the old Achievement hunter office) For now, here's just a tiny taste of what I'm working on and any input would be great, and there will be more postings and details as time goes on as I find more time to focus on the project:




If the Roosterteeth gang would want to use the images for their phone contact icons, please feel free. So community, who would you love to see next? (there are more)
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