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Super Duper Quick-Fire UpdateWow, long time since I wrote anything on here, or anywhere ellse, sorry for the lack of comments guys :-(
That said I'm STILL to lazy to write anything so I'll just wrap up what I've been up to as quick as possible :-)

• Started University
• Got into my First choice so I'm doing a journalism degree
• Meeting lots of nice new people
• The course is really good, writing reviews, learning shorthand and even making a short film
• Still living at home but will be looking to get into student hall after xmas
• Still jobless, I will look after xmas i promise! ;-)
• Forked over some cash for a uni gym membership so that I can actually get some damn exercise
• I'm now learning to play guitar, bought a relatively cheap acoustic and have been teaching myself for the past month. Figured it was time to move up from expert on guitar hero to the real thing.
• Oh and it was my 19th birthday yesterday. Got a shiney new phone and will be hitting the town this week woop
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