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27 year-old male from ... no one cares where I'm from....

If you have any of these messengers... please add me... I am on MSN the most... just let me know which one you are adding me to!

MSN: [email protected]

AIM: sabinobaka

Yahoo: black_winged_angel88
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wow....So yeah... its been a LONG while since I have been on here... will have to post a catching up section later...
for now... gotta play some Halo Reach
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Name James aka Wasabi
Occupation Helping others
Birthday March 26th, 1988
Interests Anime computers Final Fantasy.... alot of other stuff too... just ask to find stuff out....
Music CKY Three Days Grace Slipknot System of a Down Disturbed Gorillaz Cradle of Filth Devil Driver Fear Factory In Flames Killswitch Engage Korn Lacuna Coil Limp Bizkit Linkin Park MDFMK P.O.D Perfect Circle Powerman 5000 Rammstein Rob Zombie Stained Static-X Trivium Unloco Deftones Prodigy
Movies Final Fantasy: Advent Children Resident Evil: Apocolypse Predator 1 & 2 Cowboy Bebop: the Movie Jackie Chan movies
TV Shows The Simpsons Family Guy American Dad Full Metal Alchemist FLCL Trigun Inuyasha South Park