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DarkBowler RTX Photog2x
26 year-old male from Greenville, NC
I am a graduate of East Carolina University with a degree in Engineering with specialty in Industrial/ Systems. I am currently working as an Electrical Engineer for Honda. I also have a photography company that I started to document all the places I go and people I meet. Check it out here ->Connor MacRae Media: My Photography Website


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DarkBowler RTX Photog2x
It's finally time to deliver the photosI'm in the final stages of getting all of my photos ready for delivery to RT from RTX this year. It has been 3 months of work and over 180 hours of editing and sorting the more than 12,000 photos and the 3 hours of video (Yes, I kept track). I still have to post a bunch but I am about ready to finally pack up some huge zip files and sent them to RT. This is going to be a long evening of work on my side and making sure my website can do all the compressing. This is going to be rough but I will be glad when this is finally done. Don't get me wrong is not that I don't love taking photos for RT because I do, but I took way to many this time and I had way to much work to do after the fact that has put me behind on other work. I learned a lot this year and I hope I get to do it again next year. Next time with a few thousand less photos to work through.
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