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24 year-old male from Glorious Canada!
I'm an Otaku with great pride in his passion. I may be a relatively quiet person, but feel free to chat with me about anything!
I don't accept random friend requests. Please try to get to know me before sending me one.

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Hmm, we have a red moon outside tonight.

Yesterday I bought a new PS3 controller, and it turns out that that did indeed solve my control issues with Xillia. Now I can backstep and quickstep, among other things. us the L2 button was constantly depressed on my old one.
I also bought some more manga and picked up an order yesterday, but I fucked up. I forgot what I'd ordered and didn't check the contents before I left the store. Turns out one of the other books I bought while picking up said order was included in it. I was planning to return it, but my brother says he'll buy it off me since he wants to collect that series, too. Hopefully he pays me before the return time limit is up.
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