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24 year-old male from Glorious Canada!
I'm an Otaku with great pride in his passion. I may be a relatively quiet person, but feel free to chat with me about anything!
I don't accept random friend requests. Please try to get to know me before sending me one.

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Send help.Between these eight and the two I put on order, I spent over $150 on manga/light novels on Friday.

To make matters worse, that's volume ten of Umineko. I didn't realize while I was grabbing these, but I still don't have number nine. Luckily I got two $10 bonus cards for spending so much, so those will cover it and then some. I'll probably put the remainder towards the Danmachi light novels.
And I'll have even more to grab soon, too. On top of that, I preordered Splatoon today, and last week I ordered the limited edition of Neptunia U. Normally I'm better with money than this, I swear!
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