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Darkfire180 Jingle Bells
23 year-old male from Glorious Canada!
I'm an Otaku with great pride in his passion. I may be a relatively quiet person, but feel free to chat with me about anything!
I don't accept random friend requests. Please try to get to know me before sending me one.

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Darkfire180 Jingle Bells
Needed that.I was finally able to get out of the house the other day. Got a much-needed haircut, so perhaps my work hat will fit again. Picked up four volumes of manga I was behind on (UQ Holder 3, Monster Musume 5, Higurashi's Dice-Killing arc, and Pokemon Special 25), ordered another (Pokemon BW 19) and picked up one I hadn't expected but caught my eye (No Game No Life 1). Nabbed a Christmas present for my brother, picked up some groceries, and came home.
Yesterday I able to go to Face-off for the first time in a while. Spent most of it failing to catch a good Terrakion, but I did get a few duels in. Won all of them save one. Also played some Vanguard matches, and apparently my Bermuda Triang...
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