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Darkfire180 MHIFOF
23 year-old male from Glorious Canada!
I'm an Otaku with great pride in his passion. I may be a relatively quiet person, but feel free to chat with me about anything!
I don't accept random friend requests. Please try to get to know me before sending me one.

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Darkfire180 MHIFOF
ISML 2014 Elimination Period — Round 5I missed so many of these, and it looks like there were some close matches, too. And my first one after getting back is one I know I can't win ;__;

ARENA 01: Yūki Asuna [Shana]
ARENA 02: [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] Shiina Mashiro
ARENA 03: [Kirisaki Chitoge] Kannagi Kazari
ARENA 04: [Shibasaki Roka] Kirasaka Sayaka
ARENA 05: Tokido Saya [Yonomori Kobeni]
ARENA 06: Hasegawa Yume [Kinoshita Ringo]
ARENA 07: [Misaka Mikoto] Yoshino
ARENA 08: [Tokisaki Kurumi] Aragaki Ayase
ARENA 09: [Aihara Enju] Shiba Miyuki
ARENA 10: Tachibana Marika [Stephanie Dola]
ARENA 11: Kafū Chino [Kuroha Neko]
ARENA 12: [Tedeza Rize] Tateyama Ayano

Friday was Name Your Own Price Day for large Slurpees at work, with ...
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