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Darkfire180 MHIFOF
23 year-old male from Glorious Canada!
I'm an Otaku with great pride in his passion. I may be a relatively quiet person, but feel free to chat with me about anything!
I don't accept random friend requests. Please try to get to know me before sending me one.

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Darkfire180 MHIFOF
Curse you, random drops!So once it finished downloading onto my Vita yesterday, I gave Borderlands 2 a spin. The controls are really awkward for me...normally for a 1st-person shooter I don't have the action going on between my hands, so it kinda kills my neck. Not to mention melee and sprint being on the back touch pad, which is something I hadn't used before. I'm starting to get used to it now, but I might want to try swapping the controls a bit, maybe put melee on O where it'd be more familiar...but then crouch would go onto the rear pad, and I might hit it by accident in a firefight...bah. Wish I had two more shoulder buttons.
Anyway, the Diablo-esque loot drop system is addicting. I'm a...
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