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JerseyHellooooooooooo RT! I haven't been the most active on the site. I've been on "lurker mode" for the last month or two. But now that I've switched to "active mode" here's a bit of an update in the wacky world of (w)Olin. The first bit of news is I got my first tattoo done about 3 weeks ago. The experience was exilerating and painful; but I plan on doing it again some day. But for right now I love it to death. I couldn't think of another tattoo to really express my love for music, record stores, and pizza. The next one will probably be something coffee related...

Some of you may have just started your spring break for others it may be ending. I fall under the latter group. I had quite possibly the best spring break I've experienced. I took a trip to the beautiful and cold city of Atlantic City, New Jersey where I spent 6 days drinking, meeting new people, ending fatty food, and drinking (did I mention drinking already?) This may seem like no big deal to some but this particular trip was my first time visiting the East Coast so it was quite the adventure. The highlight of the trip was a beer festival that occured on my last night in town where I moshed drunk while Taking Back Sunday performed. I ended up getting hit in the jaw, beer poured on my head, and falling down which fucked up my calf. All totally worth it. The best part was waking up not hungover! Sure made traveling home that evening easier.

I hope you all are doing well yourselves. To the folks who are just starting their spring break, have a lovely time! To the folks coming back, you should probably get back to work on your assignments or studying for that test you have tomorrow. Welcome back to reality bitch!
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