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28 year-old male from Bellevue, WA
Relaxed, smart, and somewhat average guy with a great sense of humor. I have a fond respect for video games and my ultimate dream is to be a part of creating games that will affect gamers the same way mine's been by the great games I've played.
I was the trombone section leader at my high school in symphonic winds and orchestra.
Attended Long Beach City College for 3 years. Transferred to Digipen Institute of Technology. Currently in second year of the Real-Time Interactive Simulation.
Check me out on myspace: www.myspace.com/darkmercenary if you're that interested in knowing about me hehe. I don't check it often, though.
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PAX 2008As I may have mentioned in my last entry, I have recently moved to Bellevue, Washington to attend the Digipen Institute of Technology. My roommate encouraged me to go with him to PAX and since I had nothing else better to do, I figured sure. This was my first convention that I had ever attended and I'm so glad I did. Not only did I get to see and play a lot of really cool upcoming games and listen in on interesting panels regarding the game industry, but I also got to see the Rooster Teeth guys during their panel and be one of the first to see the freakin' awesome new RvB project that they're working on. If you haven't seen it by now, go check out Youtube and look for anything regarding Rooster Teeth and PAX 08. You'll know what I'm talkling about.

Still, as awesome as that was, what happened on the last day has to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. When I signed up for PAX I noticed that Rooster Teeth was one of the many sponsors and I also recalled how in several of their DVD commentaries they mentioned attending PAX each year. So I figured it would be really cool if I could get some of their autographs. I tried to talk to them on the second day of PAX, but they were surrounded by fans watching the Grifball tournament that was happening all day, so I pretty much only had the last day to try to get their autographs. It was on that morning that I decided to bring my unique copy of RvB Season 3 (instead of just a small notepad like I had originally planned) with me and see if they would be willing to sign it.

Let me explain what made this copy so special. For one, my girlfriend, Scorpion_88, bought it for me on our 3-month anniversary. Secondly, the original box was stolen from the Gamestop that she bought it from, so they had to put the disc into a blank one. However, before she gave it to me, she went onto this website and found one of the older posters made for the 3rd season of RvB and printed it out to put on the box so that it would look at least a little like the original. I couldn't even begin to express how thoughtful it was of her to do that. Unfortunately, printer was running out of ink, which for some bizzare reason gave the whole picture a pink hue. But it didn't matter to me. All I cared about was that she was willing to do all of this for me. So naturally, that disc meant a lot to me.

Now when I went to PAX on the third day, I made a bee-line for the Rooster Teeth booth and managed to get Gus and Matt to sign the cover of my DVD box. But the other guys hadn't arrived yet, so I decided to go check out the Dead Space demo, which was right across from them and also a very cool game. While in line, I noticed that Burnie and the others had shown up by then, so I patiently waited until after I played the demo to try to talk to them. Anyways, when I managed to ask Burnie if he'd be willing to sign my DVD, he agreed but was surprised by the cover. So I explained to him what had happened and he went ahead and signed it, seeming concerned by the fact that Gamespot hadn't done something, though what I couldn't guess. After he signed it, he asked me to wait a second and went back to the booth, looking through their merchandise to find a new copy of the 3rd Season of RvB. So at first I was thinking that maybe he was going to give me the original box to put my DVD in. But I was very surprised to find that he then went to each of the RvB guys there and had them sign their names on the cover! Not only that, but he left the movie and original packaging inside of the box and gave it to me free of charge. I was so blown away by this act of generosity and consideration for a fan that I almost didn't know what to say besides thanking him very much. Fortunately I remembered to ask him before I left how Kathleen, the voice actress of Tex, was doing since during the panel they mentioned that she had just undergone back surgery. I knew how big of a fan of Tex Scorpion_88 was, so I made sure to ask Burnie if she was ok and he replied that it was an injury more related to a consistent neck problem of hers I believe, but that she was ok and that they already sent her flowers and expected her to be just fine. So I was relieved knowing that I could tell my girlfriend that her favorite character was going to be ok.

I can't imagine how my last day at PAX could have gone any better. It'll definitely be one of my greatest moments in life and will ensure that I'll remain a loyal fan of Rooster Teeth from now until the end of days. I'll be posting a picture of both the unique and new, fully-autographed copies of RvB Season 3 for you guys to see. Let this go to show that not only are these guys who've entertained us for so many years the most awesome group of hilarious bastards the world has ever seen, but are also always thinking about their fans and doing whatever it takes to make us smile and laugh.
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Name Ryan
Occupation Digipen student, RTIS program
Birthday March 16th, 1987
Interests Playin' video games (especially those that combine story and gameplay in new and cool ways) talkin' to other people about video games having intellectual debates about video games chatting about anime shows like InuYasha and others most Star Wars stuff helping newbies out having vet gamers help me out from time to time Iearning as many skills possible (particularly those that can improve a video game's story) that I can implement in my own video games.
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