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My name is Devan, I am a pretty chill guy, I'm a huge gamer, been gaming since 1998, started off playing Super Mario Bros. 3, then kind of moved on from there, I became a avid and hardcore gamer back in 2007, that's where I started Halo 3 and played the crap out of it, ever since then the 360 its been a big part of my gaming life. I am an achievement hunter and proud of it :P Halo is where my gaming started, and where I always go back to it. To sum it up, I'm a pretty well rounded g
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I'm gonna be a Daddy :PDamn I've been gone a while, haven't posted a journal entry in about a year, that is crazy. Well now I'm gonna try and be more active, got a little more time at the moment. But here is a little summary of what's been going on recently.

So since my last journal entry, I had gotten engaged to a lovely lady that I had been seeing for a while, not to long after she found out she was preggers, we both got pretty excited. Months of preparation went by, more and more pregnancy hormones kicked in , then here we jump ahead a few months and here we are at the tipping point, she is 37 weeks pregnant, 9 months and the baby is about here, tomorrow (well today) she's 38 weeks. So Im looking forward to a couple days in the hospital. She is supposed to be induced tomorrow, so if they decide she is to early then we will have to wait til next monday, like we had originally planned. Kinda crazy huh? Well I can't wait to see my little guy, oh yeah, we had found out he is a boy, we are naming him Malachi James. Its gonna be pretty awesome and I can't wait until he comes out. I tell you what though, the boy is gonna be a gamer :P

-Crusade / Darknight23
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