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24 year-old male

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Name Dennis
Occupation None
Interests Video games los libros lame jokes drawing food guitar and sleep.
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Music Stuff. Let' see... I listen to: Rancid The Ramones The Clash Audioslave RATM Dream Theater Fugazi Franz Ferdinand Incubus Iron Maiden MUSE!!!!!!!!!! (woo!) Red Hot Chili Peppers U2 and The White Stripes.
Movies Any comedy. And action. Fun with Dick and Jane Kung Fu Hustle 12 Monkeys Mr. and Mrs. Smith LOTR and those mindless violent fighting or shooting movies they show on Spike. Also Blood Diamond The Constant Gardener Hotel Rwanda stuff like that.
TV Shows Simpsons Family Guy Friends reruns Futurama etc etc etc...
Books Terry Pratchett ftw. Ummmm... sci-fi: Frederick Pohl Heinlein Niven russian authors Card.