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27 year-old male from Big Rapids, MI
If you avoid drama and overboard political correctness, it don't matter who you are, we'll probably get along.
One big thing about me is my love for music...I consider it to be a language of its own, and I've always got one song or another running through my head.
I don't smoke much, but a good cigar goes very well with a good drink, and both go very well with an ocean breeze.
Above all, I value honesty, inner beauty, and good times, so...word.
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CinematographizedThe new RvB episode...fantastic. Standing ovation for RT.
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Name Jay Keller
Occupation Student
Birthday February 12th, 1988
Interests Chillaxin'. Good times with good people. I love playing in a band and just love music in general. I enjoy writing when something inspires me. More than anything working on cars and racing...nothing in this world gives me a greater thrill.
Music The Beatles Rush AC/DC Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Pink Floyd Foreigner ZZ Top The Doors Reel Big Fish Led Zeppelin Jimi Hendrix Aerosmith Lynyrd Skynyrd Billy Joel The Who Boston George Thorogood Bob Marley Rolling Stones Van Halen Kansas Dropkick Murphys David Bowie Def Leppard Guns N Roses Less Than Jake Journey Queen Black Sabbath The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Jimmy Buffet Beach Boys Skape
Movies National Lampoons (the old ones with Chevy Chase) Clerks Anchorman The Boondock Saints Kelly's Heroes The Blues Brothers Super Troopers Animal House Star Wars 4-6 O Brother Where Art Thou Anything Marx Brothers The Sandlot Pulp Fiction Animal House Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Avatar...and those priceless 80's movies on Comedy Central.
TV Shows South Park That 70's show The Office Boston Legal Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law Chapelle's Show The Daily Show Aqua Teen Hunger Force Late Night With Conan O'Brien Seinfeld Scrubs Metalocalypse It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Entourage House
Books A Salty Piece of Land Don Quijote Harry Potter 1984 The Kite Runner Animal Farm My Losing Season Much Ado About Nothing The Pillars of the Earth. Anything by Christopher Moore. Also anything that isn't Ethan Frome or Wuthering Heights!