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29 year-old male from Abilene, TX
"You know the hardest thing about being smart? ... I always pretty much know what's gonna happen next. There's no suspense."

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Kinda weirdSo I'm sitting on my living room couch, and I see a shadow quickly pass by the window in my kitchen from right to left. It's exactly what I always see when someone is coming up to my front door because to walk from the driveway to the front door you have to walk past that window. I peek out the window, don't see anything. Check the peephole at the front door, also nothing. So I figure it was my imagination and go back to watching TV. Like 10 minutes later I see another shadow quickly pass by from left to right. I think, is someone in the front yard? Check the window again, nothing. I open the front door, look outside, nothing out of the ordinary.

I feel like I'm in a Jurassic Park movie, and I don't yet realize that the raptors have escaped from their pen. So we're in that stage where they're stalking me and occassionally rushing by at the periphary of my vision but because of dramatic tension they have yet to try and attack me. So if I die tonight, blame the velociraptors.
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Interests "What are your interests?" "Well I like hittin guys over the head with a baseball bat. That's always good." "So sporting goods." "Yeah."
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Music I like pretty much any kind of music. There are two things I can';t stand tejano music and bands like System of a Down where half the songs sound like guys hitting things with hammers and screaming. I especially like Will Smith and country music.
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