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"You know the hardest thing about being smart? ... I always pretty much know what's gonna happen next. There's no suspense."

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Hobbit DaySo since Battle of the Five Armies came out this week, my girlfriend and I are marathoning the Hobbit movies today because she hadn't actually seen any of them yet. We're in the middle of the fight with Smaug inside the mountain, and it's strange watching these movies again, how ok I am with a lot of the big changes from the book, while some of the small changes seriously annoy me.

Like this fight with Smaug and the barrel fight scene, huge additions, but they're entertaining, and I'm actually into them. On the other hand, the way they cut out the gradual introduction of the dwarves to Beorn and glossed over most of the trip through Mirkwood and the subtler parts of their imprisonment by the wood elves, that stuff bugs the crap out of me.
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