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WORD OF WARNING!!!This is Dave from the future, hijacking present-Dave's RoosterTeeth account.

The world does not end tomorrow; however, the magnetic poles shift. Has anyone ever seen the aurora borealis (aka "The Northern Lights")?? Well, Cambodia and Peru get to see them full boar for the next few days, as the poles are now pin-pointed right on them.

During this magnetic shift, the magnetic repulsion our Earth has against the sun's rays and radiation, the very same that keeps us alive and melanoma-free, temporarily disappeared. Other than increased chances of skin cancer, what this did was knock out nearly ALL of electronics, first of which were satellites and people's pacemakers. Tragically, it hit the elderly drivers the hardest.

Once we got things back up and running, we found that many common electronics had fried due to the excessive radiation. There are still parts of the world-hell, parts of America that have still not been reached.

Armageddon did not come with flames and brimstone; instead, it came with the lack of being able to prove to your co-worker that you were right about the year that "What About Bob?" came out due to the fact that IMDB cannot be reached.

So here is my word of warning: COMPLETELY TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRONICS TOMORROW!! And as crazy as SPF50 sunblock sounded this past summer, you'll be thanking me for lathering up with that crap tomorrow morning!!

Good luck, and I will truly miss those of you who don't make it (I've PMed you already).

Future Dave
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