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26 year-old male from In front of the pc screen.

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new usernameYeah i left this acc inactive too long and i feel i need a new username.
So please if you would all search for

Inevetable, and re add me :)


(Yes the username is inevetable
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Name Xombie
Occupation Full time hardcore kid.
Birthday March 16th, 1989
Interests Skating Drinking Moshing Music Women Gaming BMX Parkour Fashion Freinds.
Music Abigail Williams Alesana Alexisonfire Amends to the dead Azriel Belie my Burial Bleeding through Bring me the horizon Elysia Penknifelovelife Suicide Silence Johnny Truant Skinless Putrid pile Screaming Afterbirth Once Nothing I admit defeat Gutworm Akercocke Unveil Neviah Iscariot Burzum.
Movies House of 1000 corpese Devils Rejects Hellboy The Matrix trilogy Starwars.
TV Shows The simpsons South park Aqua teen hunger force King of the hill Familly guy Futurama Beavis and Butthead Hellsing Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Books Preist .Hack Lord of the rings Harry potter Halo books.