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I Wanna Be On TV, So People Will Know Meso since signing with Toronto Film Extras in June, I've done 3 TV gigs (would have been 4, but i had an interview for the election. 10 minutes cost me a day of work, but in the end it's a guaranteed $205 so that's good. and no, i can't rig the results, i'm disappointed too.).

"So when can we see your super sex-erific face on TV?" you probably aren't wondering?

Degrassi: according to Wikipedia, the next season is expected to air October 7, and i have no idea if it is weekly or daily. probably weekly. in that case, the day i went, they were shooting the last 3 episodes (21 - 24), so some time next year. helpful, i know.

Covert Affairs: November 6 is when ne...
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