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Cool Shit N' Stuff1. saw Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine on Tuesday. they played 5 Dead Kennedys songs (California Uber Alles, Nazi Punks Fuck Off, Chemical Warfare, Holiday In Cambodia and Too Drunk To Fuck), so i was pretty happy. I even got to help Jello crowd surf while he sang Chemical Warfare. yes, i have touched Jello Biafra, be jealous.

2. i have joined the Toronto Film Extras agency. makeout scenes with Felicia Day, Anna Kendrick and/or Ashley Johnson are now .00000001% more likely to happen.

3. Charlie Murder is free until the end of the month on X-Box 360 Games With Gold, go grab it because it's like, the best game ever, made by awesome people. i got the vinyl EP and you can request a signature and doodle, and i got Michelle to draw Rex hugging a koala.

4. koalas are fucking adorable. i want to hug one.

5. reading a thread about Riot Fest Chicago has reminded me of a few things:
- the pricing they used this year was idiotic as hell. in December, you could buy a 2 day pass for the Toronto show for $100, but you didn't know a damn thing other than it was Riot Fest and it was 2 days. this is like buying a mystery box for $100. it could have $1000 cash, or it could be full of angry hornets. and then every few months, they jacked up the price as more info is revealed. they still have not revealed what bands are playing what day for Toronto. all the bands i'd want to see are probably playing both days anyway, but the moment i find out, passes will be like $200.
- 2012 was great because it was one fucking day, and the most you paid was $50 (there were $30 groupon deals, advanced was $40+ charges and gate price was $50. i paid a scalper $40). and all the main bands were bands i liked! bonus!
- Chicago always gets the best show. fuck you, Chicago.

that is all.
end communication.
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