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I Wanna Be On TV, So People Will Know Meso since signing with Toronto Film Extras in June, I've done 3 TV gigs (would have been 4, but i had an interview for the election. 10 minutes cost me a day of work, but in the end it's a guaranteed $205 so that's good. and no, i can't rig the results, i'm disappointed too.).

"So when can we see your super sex-erific face on TV?" you probably aren't wondering?

Degrassi: according to Wikipedia, the next season is expected to air October 7, and i have no idea if it is weekly or daily. probably weekly. in that case, the day i went, they were shooting the last 3 episodes (21 - 24), so some time next year. helpful, i know.

Covert Affairs: November 6 is when new episodes start airing starting with episode 11, and mine is episode 13. so November 20, according to my super powers of deduction.

Beauty And The Beast: shot the season premiere last week, from what i hear it will air in March. Kristin Kreuk walks by me in one shot! i'm also covered in fake blood and gauze in another, so that was one career aspiration fulfilled.

got to see my friends in Plan 37 get paid $20 a few weeks ago. they opened for the Vibrators, and the turn out wasn't great. still, it was a $7.50 door markup (advanced tix were $12.50), no guestlist for bands, and no drink tickets for the bands. i get it, band life and whatnot. oh, and they had to rent a van for $80 to get to Etobicoke. so there's that.

to end on a positive note: The Bombpops are on Spotify. ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD.

that is all.
end communication.
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