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We're All Just Weird Kids In The EndThanks to everyone who came to TO: UnCon and to all of the staff and minions for their hard work.

Thanks to Spam for the floor space, Abbi/Abbey/Abby/Yarn Enthusiast for the blanket and Tony for watching me while i slept. okay, maybe not that last one.

Thanks for the claps (applause, not THE Clap) and kind words after open mic. it's always fun forgetting the words to my own songs. :P

i've been going to these things since the very beginning, and it's been interesting to see how it grew from a marathon screening with people who created Red vs Blue to a bunch of misfits, outcasts and geeks just getting together in a strange new place for the sake of getting together regardless of whether or not anyone from the show was going to be there.

come back soon, internet. <3

journal title courtesy of We Are The In Crowd

that is all.
end communication.
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