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Best of 2014: The Late Late ReviewI am uploading some video to Upload Studio and my upload speed is a measly 0.6Mbits/sec, so here is an excuse to post something.

so, cool shit from 2014:

Game of the year: Sunset Overdrive. honestly the most fun i've ever had playing a video game, with an awesome soundtrack. your millage may vary on the humour, but i was amused. Insomniac Games is officially forgiven for Fuse.

Best soundtrack: Sunset Overdrive. the songs are mostly written for the game, with a few licensed songs (probably best use of a Melvins song in a video game... though it also may be the only use of a Melvins song in a video game at that). mostly smaller known bands were brought in, The Bronx being the only band i knew before (i saw them open for Bad Religion in 2013), but BOATS!, Bass Drum of Death and Brenna Red's bands (Fiction Reform and The Last Gang) are definitely worth checking out.

Best Multiplayer: Sunset Overdrive's Chaos Squad. Dragon Age's is fun, but the severs are fucking shit, and i do enjoy Advanced Warfare, and Destiny's was alright, but this is the one that's kept me coming back.

Biggest Surprise: Wolfenstein: The New Order. the story was pretty solid, had some good replayability and gameplay as tight as fuck. glad they ditched multiplayer and focused on a great single-player experience.

Best DLC: Not a whole lot sprang out at me but InFamous: First Light was really good. Mooil Rig for Sunset Overdrive was alright.

Game With Too Much Damn Content: Dragon Age: Inquisition. okay, i never complain about games being too long, but this installment was just too damn much it was overwhelming. my first playthrough clocked in at 120 hours due to the amount of side quest content. you have to gain Power to unlock more missions, even plot missions, so much of it isn't optional, and i like to do a full playthrough on the first few goes. it's still a great game and a must-play for fantasy RPG fans. oh, and there's boobs this time. i wonder when Fox News is going to do another hit piece on Bioware!

Game Where I Died A Fuckton: Dark Souls 2. good game, but the timed sections near the end made me throw in the towel.

Biggest Letdown: Destiny. i don't think i need to explain this one at all. although i don't get how people can complain about it and STILL FUCKING PLAY IT (mine went back to EB after a month). i guess those people are also Leafs fans? that would explain a lot.

Best Concert: The Offspring performing Smash in its entirety. not only that, but Bad Religion, Pennywise and the Vandals opening. i am going to die happy.

Favourite Records: We Are The In Crowd - Weird Kids, Sunset Overdrive Soundtrack, Masked Intruder - M.I. i don't think i heard a lot from this year.

Movie: last movie i watched in the theatre was The Edge of Tomorrow, so let's go with that. thought it was great until the end, could have ended a few minutes earlier than it did and would have been perfect.

Most Anticipated: Bloodborne, Salt & Sanctuary, the rest of Life is Strange and Tales From The Borderlands, maybe Elder Scrolls Online (since they axed the mandatory subscription) and the rest of Sunset Overdrive's DLC. maybe news on Silent Hills and Fallout 4?

alrighty that looks good, let's end there.

that is all.
end communication.
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