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27 year-old male from Milwaukee
Random friend requests are like AIDS. Don't give me any.

The internet is for porn, as corn is for Iowans.
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Name Siva
Occupation Proffesional Pothead, or am i?
Birthday December 22nd, 1987
Interests Martial Arts Weapons (swords knifes and most other weapons but not guns so much) weapon fighting i have more but i'll think of em later
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Music Tribute-Tenacious D Years-Nonpoint Ariels-System of A Down Killin' the Fly-Union Underground Getting away with Murder-Papa Roach So Cold-Breaking Benjamin Fly away-Lenny Kravitz T9X - Tech N9ne Pink Floyd
Movies Matrix Matrix Revolutions Me Myself and Irene The First Power Rangers Movie (cause it's funny)
TV Shows Family Guy Bullshit Simpsons House Scrubs Man vs Wild
Books The "A Song of Fire and Ice" Series by George R. Martin