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23 year-old male from Somewhere in Idaho.
Sponsor 'til the end of time. Though I don't pop around much anymore my love for Red vs Blue still exists in some strange form of hidden fanboyism.
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Signs you are watching too much RvB!After checking my Mod History I found a whopping +93 Funny. Here's the post of SIGNS YOU ARE WATCHING TOO MUCH RvB!!:
1:"Hegaukergerk" is part of your list of battle cries.(me)
2:Constantly quoting.(me)
3:Asking why your here.
4:If you build a HUD and make an objectives list like Lopez's.
5:Listen to music from Red vs Blue(me)
6:If you say "You killed ___, you teamkilling fucktard!" instead of calling the person a Teamkiller.
7:Your armor colors in Halo2(and 3) are that of a characters and you have no emblem.
8:You put your gun in the rest position in Halo2 (and 3).
9:When you get in a warthog you say "WARTHOG ONLINE"(sometimes)
10: You say the names of your vehicle, ex. "Time to kill with the, M808B Main Battle Tank"
11:You find yourself on a diet of oil and constantly need elbow grease.
12:You go to the store(alot of people).
13:Even though you're a "Pimp" for your job, you say you're a Mercenary.
14:You buy Voltron.
15:Your address is "Blood Gulch" Ave.(me)
16:Your username is a character's.
17:While playing Evil Genius, you constantly quote O'Mally lines.(me)
18:You pretend you have an evil person inside of you that is constantly saying he will kill all your friends.
19:You suck at sniping.
20: While driving tanks, you suddenly become a hazard to anything around you...(umm, no comment)
21:Your favorite powerup is "invisibility"
22:When somebody says, "both," you say, "Seriously dude, like an ASS!"
22a:You REALLY suck at sniping.
23:Your idea of a good time is guarding a flag.(Ladies... ^_-)
24:Your ideal religion depicts a holy red/blue flag, shining in the heavens and beckoning good defenders to guard it forever.
25:You pay to have your house remodelled and filled with a single female tenant, while you're on vacation.
26:When the sun explodes, you say before everybody dies, "Quick, turn around so we're blasted backwards!"(I will)
27:When talking about time travel you declare, "I certainly would avoid the "Yellow" option..."
28:You try to get a real spleen to create into a spleen ball (or spleen pole?) to use when you have kids for good times!
29:You have a ball, and his name is Andy. (Now, I'm not implying any ball in particular... But please don't inform us which one.)
30:Lastly, you say "He-Ha! He-Ha! He-Ha!" when riding a teeter-totter with your friend, while pretending to point a rifle at him/her.

Edit: I hope you enjoyed the newly revised version of: Signs you are watching too much RvB, with grammatical improvements and nine extra scenarios.
EditEdit: Oops, found out I posted a 22 that was a popular +11. The newest 22 is now 22a, and the old one is 22.
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