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What Is Roosterteeth?For many of us, we've been with Roosterteeth for years. Some of us have since the beginning. But what is Roosterteeth to you? What has Roosterteeth done for you? For most of us, we were all brought together by a once little show called Red vs. Blue. Then RT did other things, like Achievement Hunter, other machinima, videos featuring the awesome people that work at RT, and eventually their newest animated show RWBY. Roosterteeth has always brought the entertainment and laughs we crave. Then because of this crazy awesome community, we all got to meet other crazy awesome people. It wasn't until I met my tight little fun group of Friendly Casual Gamers (you know who you are), that I started to see RT more than just an entertainment website, and more as a community. So what is Roosterteeth to you?
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