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28 year-old male from Nashville, TN || Pittsburgh,PA
What I do: I do a lot of modeling work. Seriously! I design and code predictive and hedonic regression models. I also help design surveys, analyze lots of medical claims, and publish academic articles.

What I like to do: I like to do a little bit of everything. I’m a practicing martial artist (11 years), former collegiate actor, and a gamer. I mostly read non-fiction now and enjoy having conversations on any topic. I enjoy cooking (baking not so much).

In God we trust, all others bring data. W. Edwards Deming
Economics is only a dismal science for stupid people. Dominick Salvatore
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Desayjin RTX Guardian
Ask An Economist #1: Canadians Took My Jerb!Greetings causal browser of RT journals and welcome to Ask an Economist! This is the start of project that I have long wanted to start where I take questions from the community and apply all of my thinker-box to researching and answering the question (the stranger or funnier, the better!). My goal is to come out with one of these a week, so I’ll need questions from you. Now, to the Question #1:
With @Barbara ’s obsession with drawing dicks, should there be a provision in the ACA that will allow her treatment for her OCD (obsessively creating dicks)? Well, I know she’s a dirty dirty Canadian taking ‘Merica dollars and a jerb away from what could be an AMERICAN Rooster Teeth community ...
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