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28 year-old male from Nashville, TN || Pittsburgh,PA
What I do: I do a lot of modeling work. Seriously! I design and code predictive and hedonic regression models. I also help design surveys, analyze lots of medical claims, and publish academic articles.

What I like to do: I like to do a little bit of everything. I’m a practicing martial artist (11 years), former collegiate actor, and a gamer. I mostly read non-fiction now and enjoy having conversations on any topic. I enjoy cooking (baking not so much).

In God we trust, all others bring data. W. Edwards Deming
Economics is only a dismal science for stupid people. Dominick Salvatore
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Desayjin RTX Guardian
Ask An Economist #6: Achievement City Appraising Services
Every estimate out there assumes that [the Tower of Pimps] is made of 4 solid gold blocks one cubic meter in volume, however what they do not take into account is how those blocks are created… the blocks are each made of 9 gold bars/ingots. [T]his changes the value, so we could also use this to figure out what is more valuable, the ToP blocks or Michael's Diamond Sword.


FriscoFlame’s question is a two –parter: 1) how do we appraise the Tower of Pimps and once we do that 2) is it more expensive than Michael’s diamond sword? Before we run off and appraise the ToP, let’s figure out the price of our building materials.

The US Mint states that one gold ingot has the dime...
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