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Desayjin RTX Guardian
28 year-old male from Nashville, TN || Pittsburgh,PA
We have become lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of the Economy! There are those who will say that the Economy has forsaken us! Nay! You have forsaken the Economy!! And now you know the Economy's wrath! O thoust can shop at a sporting goods store, but knowest thou that the Economy will take away thy Broncos' cap from thine head! Mock the Economy without fear! Thine own stockbrokers... now lie dead by their own hand and thou knowest that thy stockbrokers did not fear the Economy! Well here we are, my friends! You have brought the Economy's vengeance upon yourselves!
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Desayjin RTX Guardian
Choose Your Own Adventure / Solve the Word ProblemFor those of you still out on summer break, here's a word problem to help sharpen that mind for the fall. For those of you who have long since left academia, think of this as a choose your own adventure (never turn to page 18. Nothing good EVER happens on page 18).

James works in a moderate sized office building (5 stories, 4 separate sections per floor). At his desk, his laptop docks with multiple monitors that greatly increases his productivity. Today is a hot and humid day in Nashville (the location of the office). This day, however, has a surprise in store for James: the air conditioner for James's floor and section is broken. At 8:40am, it is already hot and humid and will onl...
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