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Desayjin RTX Guardian
28 year-old male from Nashville, TN || Pittsburgh,PA
What I do: I do a lot of modeling work. Seriously! I design and code predictive and hedonic regression models. I also help design surveys, analyze lots of medical claims, and publish academic articles.

What I like to do: I like to do a little bit of everything. I’m a practicing martial artist (11 years), former collegiate actor, and a gamer. I mostly read non-fiction now and enjoy having conversations on any topic. I enjoy cooking (baking not so much).

In God we trust, all others bring data. W. Edwards Deming
Economics is only a dismal science for stupid people. Dominick Salvatore
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Desayjin RTX Guardian
Ask An Economist #2: Achievement Hunter, Who is the Most Popular of Them All?Welcome back to another edition of Ask and Economist! Remember to send in your questions (via comment, message, carrier pigeon, note written on paper tied around a brick and thrown through @Steffie ‘s window).

Today’s question is a little different but one I was very excited about answering. This past year as a RTX guardian, I made a lot of small talk with attendees as they waited in line to meet @Barbara. One question I asked was, aside from Barb, who were they excited to meet. The fine fellows at Achievement Hunter came up quite a bit, which got me thinking:
Who is the most popular Achievement Hunter?
-Just about every attendee at RTX 2014

Now Rooster Teeth occasionally gives us surveys...
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