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25 year-old male from Georgetown, TX
I love wolves if you couldn't tell, I want to be a lawyer and I'm in my first year of college, I love to study greek and roman mythology, message me if you want to be my friend. i take most friend requests but if i think you are wierd or an ass i'll delete you.

here is my myspace if you feel like talking to me or finding out a little more about me


don't ask about the name

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Been A Whilewell it's been a while since my last journal, so before I get into it I would like to share 2 Sorcerer Hunters videos I found.



and if you were expecting more, well find me on fb, I'm tired of communicating through messages and journals

comment if you actually care enough to look me up on fb
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Name William
Occupation college student
Birthday January 24th, 1990
Interests games working out tv bowling playing guitar fencing
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Music Sum41 Papa Roach Paramore Breaking Benjamin 3 Days Grace Egypt Central Coheed and Cambria just stuff like that and a little heavy metal
Movies Princess Mononoke Never Back Down An American Werewolf in Paris The Forbidden Kingdom in truth I will watch almost anything.
TV Shows Law and Order SVU Saiyuki Outlaw Star Gundam Wing Black Cat Get Backers Slayers
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