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A Little Something I Noticed On RVBIve been lookin around ya know to see if i can find any kool pics, and i notice that almost the people i visit were over 20 years old. Now ok i dont have a real problem with that but isnt this place like a myspace you know for teens? Not like im say get off you old whores, no way. Im just woundering if you guys have somthing better to do then be on here like bein with ur friends, a girlfriend/boyfriend, possibly any family? Once again im not complaining or anything, i love the company but wth ya know? i can see if this is the only way you can talk to your friends from long distance, or any other reasons. but its hard to keep up with friends if you have like 50 to 100 ya know? but thats just me......im just a little curious....im sorry :( im gonna go sit in a corner now.......
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