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Burnie's Idea about the Title of LimboIn his recent GameTime in Limbo with Miles. At one point, Burnie begins talking about the title of Limbo. He asks if the title means that the character is living in limbo, as in the game is reality for the character. Or maybe he's asleep, he's having a nightmare that is this limbo. Or maybe he is in some purgatory or hell stage of the afterlife. He talks about how the overall world rules and existence are up to your interpretation.

And to that I propose this.

This statement very much backs up the reason why the memory unit Blood Gulch part of Season 9 was not for nothing. A lot of people have spoken about why that section was just made for, quite obviously to get Tex back, but also for the throwback aspect and for comic relief. However, the overall feeling was is was throwaway, it didn't happen, it doesn't matter.

Just because something isn't real doesn't mean it didn't matter. I believe either Burnie or Matt spoke about this as well. The fictitious fabricated experience that was Season 9 was important. Not just because Church found Tex and everything resolves in its arc, but because it shows how frail the universe Burnie has created is. There is no way these events could have been chance, they had to be influenced in some way by some force. Of course, by this point, we already know about the Alpha and everything, but this section serves to show how fucked up the Director and Project Freelancer made these soldiers lives.

Anyway, this was a weird amalgam of different semi related thoughts. That was fun.
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