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30 year-old male from Escondido, CA
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my birthday is tommarowummm subject says it all i guess
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Name JD
Occupation FedEx
Birthday October 17th, 1984
Interests mostl computer games...some Pen and Paper systems(especially Rifts) armor making
Music everything except Rap and Country...right now mostly listening to Soil and Voltair
Movies Advent Children Iron Man...other than those the list would go on for awhile though i normally dont activly watch a movie more than once
TV Shows i dont really watch TV though i have a fondness for Scrubs and Family guy
Books oh the list would go on forever but im currently stuck to the Dresden files books by Jim Butcher...a full list will be added someday or is available upon request(lets put it this way..ive got 42 moving boxes of books in my Garage