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22 year-old male from Dublin, Ireland
I am Gopher boy. Pondering reality. I am Gopher boy, won't you buy my Raspberries?

Oh hai.
I play video games (duh). I like handhelds alot, but consoles are cool too.
I like a wide array of music, mainly indie and hardcore.
My favourite shows basically are alot of 90's to early 00's cartoons and anime.
I don't really read books, but I read manga.
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Name Andrew
Occupation I wanna be the Dude
Birthday April 20th, 1993
Interests Music Video Games Anime Manga Japanese Culture Gadgetry Knives Guns Flashlights and Stuff.
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Music A Skylit Drive Aboycalledhero Adeste Aiden An Cafe Analena The Beatles Big D and the Kids Table Blessthefall The Blood Brothers Catch 22 Chiodos Circle Takes the Square Coyotes Cute is What We Aim For Dance Gavin Dance david goes to boarding school Delo Truda La Dispute The Dismemberment Plan Dorm Life Emery Eyes Set to Kill Fall Out Boy Falling For A Square First Signs Of Frost Friends Like Steve The Get Up Kids Ghosts on Pegasus Bridge Hawthorne Heights Hightide Hotel Hopes Die Last I Set My Friends On Fire Jack Johnson Kobe listener Mathias Mental MMFT! Mozart Season My American Heart My Chemical Romance Orchid Phone Calls From Home Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Rickety Cricket Saosin Senses Fail Sleigh Bells The Sound of the Ladies Stalin's War Steve Nelson Sufjan Stevens Taking Back Sunday Tango in the Attic Thursday U Say USA Upon Beauty Rests We Were Heroes The Wonder Years The Young Vein
Movies Star Wars IV-VI Back to the Future The Nightmare Before Christmas Juno 5cm Per Second.
TV Shows South Park Pepper Ann Recess Ed Edd n' Eddy Codename: Kids Next Door Dexter's Lab Pokmon Digimon Fullmetal Alchemist Death Note The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya FLCL Lucky Star K-On! Toradora! 5 Centimeters Per Second Here is Greenwood Gun Frontier Azumanga Daioh