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DizzyPiper RTX EG
21 year-old male from Crabbs Prairie, TX
I'm a student at Sam Houston State University majoring in Film Production. I live, breathe, and play Rugby. It has and always will be my sport, just as Star wars has and always been my sci fi movie/book/show series.
I'm always open to talk and get to know people!

Just spreading the message of peace to stop hate and intolerance.
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DizzyPiper RTX EG
Guardian Get-togetherYesterday, about 20 Guardians got together at the RT back lot studio in Austin and put the RTX badge letters together. A monstrous assembly line was created and in a little over an hour us 20 or so people got thousands of letters ready for mailing. No paper cuts were suffered, but Joe the cat hopped on the table and almost took down the whole operation!

This gathereing really got us excited for RTX and all the extra night events coming up in July. ITS SO CLOSE!!
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