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32 year-old female from D-Ville, Illinois
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Since My Last Post. . .We made it to 2007. . .Rock on.

Tex tore up two MORE leashes! (My husband left one on the floor, the other one I had on the edge of the kitchen table. . she managed to bump the table enough to drop the leash and tore that up too. . . now leashes have a special shelf.)

I survived the dreaded Christmas season at work. Radio's just as crazy as retail! We're now on some good ol' downtime before we start 1st Quarter Promotions.

I'm now working back at the rink once a month to help out a dwindling staff (half of them are on the speedskating team and they take off for meets, etc.) I'm happy to be back at a pace where it's fun to be there, but don't have to worry about the childish drama so much.

AT&T has made it's fantabulastic merge to bring about even more Net Neutrality issues. (Thanks Burnie for bringing this up at the U of I. . . couldn't have come at a better time.)

I've made the decision to "GASP!" cut down on my addictive amounts of soda and cut out French Fries every day except Fridays (hey. . gotta have SOME reward!). This doubled with some more exercise comes in a vast effort to drop some weight before Summer's Jamskating Nationals (I'm not competing, but I'd sure as hell would like to LOOK like I still skate once in a while.)

That's about all that's going on. . .hope all is well with everyone!
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Name Lora
Occupation Radio Broadcasting
Birthday February 4th, 1983
Interests Rollerskating (yes make fun of it all you want to. . .) Music Video Games that take out my daily frustrations and my Dog named Tex.
Music All of it. . but I got a soft spot for Industrial Techno.
Movies Star Wars Kung Pow and of course RvB. . .(duh.)
TV Shows When I get the chance. . cause I'm not home nearly enough: Adult Swim. . .Smallville on Thursday nights NASCAR. . yes I'm a little well-rounded for my own good. . . Naruto reigns supreme though. .. whether I catch it on CN or hit up Dattebayo for Shippuuden. :-)
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