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hee everyone, welkom to my profile. If you want to talk about something just talk its as easy as that. Have a look at my pictures wile your here. Have fun.

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I like this bunny :D
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Rasmus(second sequel)I have just received more news from serial123 and the rasmus site:

The Rasmus will release their new single on August 29th, entitled "No Fear"! A hook-laden, power-rock track, "No Fear" is the obvious first choice single and it was, just like "In The Shadows" had been to their award-winning album "Dead Letters", actually one of the last songs that the band wrote and recorded for their forthcoming album "Hide From The Sun". Scheduled for a worldwide release on September 12, "Hide From The Sun" is the band's sixth album and follow-up to their million-selling break-through album "Dead Letters".
The video for "No Fear" will be shot in Germany, and directed by Jörn Heitmann, who has done the last three videos for Rammstein, (Keine Lust, Amerika and Ohne Dich).
Currently, some band members are still working on the new album in the Stockholm studio, while singer Lauri Ylönen has already begun doing interviews with international press in several major European cities. All of the vocals have been recorded and it's now up to the band and their production team (Nord/Hansen, who produced "Dead Letters") to finalise the mixing and mastering. In total The Rasmus have recorded 15 tracks, of which 11 will probably end up on the album.

Thats sooo freaking cool, what do you think!?
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