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"I feel like I'm going to regret this, but I feel even more like I just don't care, and that watching this whole thing go down might be kinda interesting."
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Freelancer Beta Protocol Fanfic The Team is ready, sir.
The Commander said over the comm.

Must I babysit you at all times, Commander? I have other matters to attend to. You were given authority for a reason. Use it! The Director snapped from his lab aboard the Mother of Invention.
You heard the Director. Send them in. The Command declared.
The Commander was a high-ranking official in Project Freelancer. He was a military man, and wasnt very fond of the Directors and the Counselors experiments. His team worked fine without these AI things, and he certainly didnt agree with the Counselors psychological reports on his team. Ohio too headstrong, Arizona too stubborn, Virginia too arrogant? Wasnt the Director looking for results. Well, he was getting results, so why mess with something that wasnt broken? The Commander shook his head, and looked at the ranking board.

1. Ohio
2. Louisiana
3. Arizona
4. Delaware
5. West Virginia
6. Montana
7. Virginia
8. Tennessee
9. Oregon

What was the point of this board? To cause pointless competition? The brothers were already competitive enough. The Commander sighed. Well he thought. If these things are supposed to help my guys, they cant be too bad.


All clear. Virginia said over the comm. He was perched on a Cliffside, high above grassy canyon. His Olive armor helped camouflage him with the nearby brush, and the top of his Scout helmet was barely visible through the thorny plants. He was watching the Insurrectionist training grounds through the scope of his Sniper. I can take out at-least three of their Commandos right now.

Negative, Virginia. You and me are quiet on this one. His brother responded through the mic.
Then why do the others get to have fun, West? Virginia groaned.
We need a diversion, dont we? West Virginia replied.
Well Im tired of being so low on the board. Id be ranked higher if I wasnt stuck doing overwatch and I got to fight like the rest of you. Virginia boasted.

West sighed. You complain too much.

No, you just dont complain enough! Virginia snapped. He watched as his brother, equipped in blue Recon armor, narrowly avoided being seen. Woah, woah. Hold-up, West. Wait for Ohios squad to attack the armory before you go in there. Youll want all of the guards out.
Good call. Holding-up.

At the other side of the gorge, Ohio and his team got into position.
Alright squad, wait for my mark. Ohio told them.
Man, why is this taking so long? Delaware complained.
Not my choice, Dell. Beta doesnt think the time is right. Ohio replied.
On cue, a small purple figure appeared on the shoulder of Ohios Red and Black Mark VI armor.
I apologize for the inconvenience, Agent Delaware. Sometimes it is better to evaluate the situation and wait for the opportune moment then to dive in head first. Beta stated.

Are you patronizing me? Delaware asked, offended.
No. Im simply stating why your ideals are false. Beta replied.
Thats enough, Beta. Ohio sternly told him.
Agent Ohio, remember that opportune moment we were discussing recently? Beta asked.
Yes Beta, I remember. Ohio chuckled. Why?
It seems to have arrived.
Okay, you heard him. Lets get to work! Ohio commanded, as he jumped from his hiding spot and began lighting-up the Insurrection Grunts with his Assault Rifle. Delaware, Montana and Oregon were on his toes. An Insurrections Warthog target the group. As it fired upon the squad, a bullet grazed Delawares Majenta Mark VI armor, before he tumbled out of the way, and killed the gunner with an accurate burst from his Battle Rifle. One shot from Oregons Rocket Launcher dispatched the rest of the vehicle. As Ohio beat down an insurrectionist, he could see Louisiana and Tennessee attacking the rebels about halfway across the canyon. A rebel fired a rocket right at Louisiana. She waited to the last second, and then activated her Hardlight Shield, effectively blocking the attack. The use of equipment surprised Ohio for a moment, before he remembered that Louisiana also had an AI.
Psi, was it? Jittery little fellow. Ohio was just thankful that he was paired with Beta. He knew that everyone was assigned their AI for a reason, but he couldnt think of any reason the Louisiana was partnered with Psi. They were nothing alike.
Here come some more, out of the lab! Delaware yelled.
Right on que. Ohio grinned. West, move-in on the target now.
Copy that. West voice echoed over the comm.
The Charon forces moved towards the squad of Freelancers.
Alright men, target the Commanders first. Ohio told his squad, as they readied their weapons. Montana wore red ODST armor, and preferred an SMG, while Oregon wore Steel and Green CQB armor, and as the heavy weapon specialist he used a Rocket Launcher.
Thats a lot of infantry. Montana declared.
Yeah no shit, Sherlock. Delaware jeered. I hope West hurries-up.

The Freelancers were making quick-work of the Charon pawns, before the first of the Commandos engaged. He swung a hammer at Ohio, who ducked under it. Ohio brought his knife out to stab the enemy, but he heard the echoing boom of a sniper round, and the Insurrection Leader collapsed. Ohio looked-up to see Virginia sliding down the wall of the canyon, and unloading his sniper on the rebels . Virginia dashed past the soldiers and made his way to the rest of the squad.
I thought you were supposed to stay hidden, V? Delaware said as he smashed two rebels skulls together.
I was getting bored. Couldnt let you guys have all the fun. Virginia replied.
Beta appeared on Ohios shoulder. Agent Virginia, you know patien-
Cram it, glow stick. Virginia interrupted.

The five Freelancers stood back-to-back while the rebels grunts began to swarm them.
West, how are you doin back there? Ohio asked, losing patience.
I wish, Zone was here. This is taking longer then I thought. West Virginia responded.
West, you gotta hurry! Ohio said sternly.

Continued in comments
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