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Why I'm a RoosterTeeth FanI think this is pretty simple.

Way back when I worked at a video game store, we received a demo disc from out Microsoft rep. On this disc was a little snippet from a show entitled Red vs Blue. My buddy @Zeke and I were both very curious by these two colors, so we navigated to the site and started watching the videos. This was in October of 2004.

The following months are difficult to explain. On November 2nd, 2004 I heard a knock at my door. When I opened it there was a tall, large man with a jewfro. He punched me, knocking me out. I awoke laying on the floor of a dark room, tied to a pipe. In front of me was a metal chair with a light hanging over it. The man in the chair turned the light on and revealed himself to me... @Burnie Burns.

Between that day and January 26th, 2005 I was tortured by this man. He did unspeakable things including (yes, I will speak of these things) making me watch marathons of Full House while endlessly playing ICP in the background. I finally begged for mercy and told him if he let me go I would join the Red Vs Blue website and be a contributing member of said site no matter how much I actually enjoyed the content.

So here I am. 10 years later and still on the site. I "love" it here so much, too!


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