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Dopp i like me
31 year-old male from Medina, TN

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Dopp i like me
One DecadeThat's how long I've been a part of this community.


If this were my house I'd sell you for a bigger and better one, but unlike my home this place has seen quite the renovations and growth over that decade.

When I signed up, I was working at a video game store, I was living at home, I was dating my wife who I've been married to for 8 years now, and I didn't have any children. My, how I've come a long way.

The site was much different back then, too. We had a mod bank which led to mod contests and mod whoring, but was unique and fun. There were no groups or a newsfeed. Your alerts were posted in a list under each person you're watching, whether they posted ...
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