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26 year-old female from Connecticut
It's been almost 2 years, but i'm back!!

best thing in my lifeee!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j-mNQXElfs

*music = life*

Proudly annoying[color=green]TheKow216,[color=blue]deathslushie[/color], [color=purple]Abstract_rox[/color], [color=brown]Lopage[/color] since....forever, cuz i said so.

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Whoa. Someone remembered their password for once!!2 years again? Im getting good at this lacking a life on RvB arent i? Ta-Da! not that anyone i talk to really uses this site anymore but a journal update just incase. Aidyn is now 3. Running around thinking shes head of household of course, yelling at me that shes the boss and im not. HA! Got a legit job 2 months shy of a year. Whole Foods Market ahoy! lacking a social life with what mothering a little tornado and working most days of my life in just about every department in the store. Still with my wonderful boyfriend. It'll be a little while til a few recent pictures are updated. not going to waste my time per say if no ones really on here anymore. hopefully ill find out who is thru comments and the like? other than that life is lifey.
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Name Jacki aka DoRkk
Occupation student, cashier
Birthday January 19th, 1989
Interests life self expression peace; love; and equality and chapstick. music shows real people tattoos piercings. living learning loving being making giving.
Music metal alternative rock country ska punk electronic technoooo erm lots..
Movies horror comedy and gore. some chick flicks are ok and disney movies are just pure loveeee.
TV Shows i dont watch tv but when i do: discovery channel history channel food netwoek fuel fosters simpsons mad tv family guy that 70's show.