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28 year-old female from Cameron, MO
Im a girl who likes to play games and watch Star Wars. Im an oddball girl with one of my own little social groups...but I think we're all like that ain't we? anyways, There isn't much else to tell so comment me or message me if something comes up k? ^_^

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RevivalI've decided to revive my status on so that I can finally have something to do when noone is on MySpace or MSN xD. Anyway, I've bought all four season up to now and am wanting to watch as many season 5 episodes as I can get my grummy hands on! Also, look out for new pictures actually portraying lil ol me ^O^.
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Name Claude Lee Thompson
Occupation Playing Halo 2 and posting on forums.
Birthday March 8th, 1987
Interests My Xbox My Star Wars Fullmetal Alchemist Naruto Halo red vs blue (obviously ^_^) and eating Japanese food...yummy!
Music Im a very varied person I like all kinds of things from rock to instrumental gaming soundtracks but not country...cant stand it personally.
Movies Monty Python and The Holy Grail Star Wars I II III IV V VI; and anime movies like Armitage III...
TV Shows Fullmetal Alchemist Naruto X-Play Cheat and others I probably cant think of right now.
Books Books written by Orson Scott Card or Eric Nylund. If you don't know who Eric Nylund is pick up one of the Halo books...good reading.