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28 year-old male from Fitchburg, MA
I am Specialist Patrick Ryan Gentry, currently deployed to Iraq with the 220th TC, from NH. I'm from a city in Massachusetts called Fitchburg (yes it is on maps, of like new england and mass!!). Been in country since Nov 05 and should be going home pretty soon!!
I am a down to earth guy (for the most part no one is perfect!). Just doing my part, and trying to experience all that I can, books and schools are for the cowardly, learn by doing and educate by example!! The sandbox (one of the nicer nicknames for Iraq) has treated me pretty well, seen a lot learned a lot!!
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What doesn't kill you...Well since the last time I posted on RvB, I have lost a high school friend, seen more people injured in a two week period than the whole tour so far (these were also the first people to be serious injured from my unit since we got here), had sleeping problems, eating problems, and just about every other physical and physcolgical problem that could be thought up!! On top of that the daily life (or better put daily existance) is still as exhausting and irritating as ever!

Man life is awesome!! It's times like this when things seem to be all wrong and your feel like you are only a hair away from plunging over the edge of the bottomless abyss of shit, that life is the best. It's hard, it sucks, you hate it, but if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. By making you stronger it makes the next thing seem less of a challege cause hell if you been thought this much already how much more difficult could that be!!
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Name Patrick
Occupation Soldier/Amature Philosopher
Birthday August 17th, 1986
Interests Your Mom!!! music hiking runing camping watching things explode Reading (especially R.A. Slavatore books) watching RvB (Simmons is cool) watching porn you know all the regular stuff.
Music Depends on my mood really I like lots of diffrent types of music from heavy metal to classical. Like I said depends on the type of mood I'm in weather I listen to Slipknot Killswitch Engage Fall Out Boy Jay-Z Casada Mozart Eminem Johnny Cash the list can go on for quite a long time!!
Movies V for Vendetta (FREEDOM! FOREVER!) Man on Fire (there is no words in the english language to explain how fucking awsome that movie was!!!!)Devil's Advocate Hotel Rawanda Some Times in April Dawn of the Dead SpaceBalls The Shawshank Redemption Troy Matrix The Last Samurai Glory Gods and Generals Blackhawk Down Full Metal Jacket Hamburger Hill We Were Soldiers Stargate and Gladiator to name a few.
TV Shows Stargate SG-1 Adult Swim Trigun Hellsing Family Guy Viva La Bam Wildboys Pimp My Ride .
Books The Koran (and no I'm not muslim love the book because it toatally discredits the fuckheads know as Al-Queada�39;s global war on terrorism PS not christian either you guys suck too!!) anything by Tom Clancey R.A Salvatore J.K. Rowling or any type of fantasy book.