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LifeI'm going to the mall to buy asian food. A survey person walks to me and ask a question.

Survey Person: Hello sir.
Me: Hello -slightly bow-.
Survey Person: Would you be willing to do a survey us. It is about the commercials trailer of the movie "Dark Skies."
Me: Sure I don't mind.

We walk to a bench real quick to ask some basic questions.

Survey Person: In the past 3 months how often you been to the theater to see a movie.
Me: Zero.
Survey Person: Well can I put 2 for something on the paper.
Me: ... hmmm I guess.
Survey Person: In the past year how often you been theater to see a movie. First answer on the sheet is less then 6, 6-12, or 12 and more.
Me: ... Well I guess you will have to put less then 6 cause it is zero still.

Survey person walks me to a room to watch the "Dark Skies" commercial trailer. A younger couple is in the room about to watch the same thing. The survey people had trouble getting started at first. They had to ask each other and I guess the head person for help for each step.

As I'm about to be 1/3 done the young couple are already done and we started at the same time. I had to think about why this was so, but the main reason was cause I got the real survey and they got the simple survey.

I finish the survey and the person that recruited me to do the survey did not know we had different surveys so he think I did more on my. As I leave to get my food finally I talk to the people about the movie it self what I think about it already.

Food part different story lol.
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