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25 year-old male from The Past
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What The Hell Was I SmokingI Honestly Don't Give Damn Anymore Past Me Was Smoking/ Drinking Crystal Meth If Not Feeding My Body With Powerthirst via a Drip...
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Name Matt
Occupation Student By Day Artist Forever
Birthday February 16th, 1990
Interests Manga/ Anime PCs Halo Dragons Learning Japanese Mythology Cats Webcomics Art Machinima Ninja Martial Arts Swords w00 ph34r t3h r4nd0mn355
Music Linkin Park Breaking Benjamin Disturbed Slipknot Evanescence random other
Movies Kung Fu Hustle Die Hard 1-3 The Matrix Pirates of the Caribbean Alien 1-4 Predator 1-2 The Tuxedo Star Wars Spaceballs Pitch Black EVOLUTION Irobot Armageddon Fifth Element Rush Hour 1-2 Shaun of the Dead
TV Shows BLEACH Naruto The Simpsons Futurama Red Dwarf Megas XLR Stargate Atlantis/SG1 Teen Titans Anything Manga/ Anime Jackie Chan Adventures Outlaw Star Trigun Cowboy Bebop