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29 year-old female from Tulsa, OK
I am a big Halo fan and my favorite character from Red Vs. Blue would have to be Grif. GRIF ROCKS!
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Rikusho part 3.....way over due*Rikusho grinned as he watched his eneimes glare at him with haterd. He stood there waiting for one of them to make a move*
Rikusho: What's wrong??? I thought you were going to kick my ass Damion...or does the half-breed vampire having second thought?? If so let me help!!
*Rikusho charged toward Dimion knocking him towards the ground, pushing Damion's face into the dirt.*
Rikusho: Your nothing, but shit Damion....always will be!
*Slayer looked at his brother's limp body, clenching his fist as he felt his blood boil*
Slayer: Rikusho!!!!! Let Damion go!!!
*Slayer stood up as he handed Ray over to Hellraiser to watch over him. Rikusho released his grip on Damion and kicked him in the face knocking him out cold*
Rikusho: Well now Slayer.....so you do have a backbone.
*Slayer stretched out his hand as the angelic Salvic sword emerged. Slayer gripped his sword pointing it to Rikusho face*
Slayer: You dare come to my home and hurt the people i care for the most! I should kill you right here and now Rikusho!!
*Rikusho couldnt help, but laugh as Slayer lectured him.*
Rikusho: Haha....my dear boy...pointy that piece of crap you call a sword at me wont make me fear you or run away. If you going to kill me...do it! Dont stand there talking about it!
*Rikusho snapped his finger as he watched the deviant Reaper stab Slayer in the back. Slayer fell to his knees as he felt the horrible pain run through his body*
Reaper: Wow Slayer....i thought you would have learned by now to know your surroundings...lol
Hell: Rikusho!!! Enough of this!!!
*Rikusho turned his attention to the prince*
Riksuho: Why should i do that Hellraiser??? Are you going to send me to hell or something??
Hell: I am only going to ask you once...Leave now Rikusho or you shall regret coming here to being with.
*Rikusho's grin faded as he signaled Reaper to release Slayer. Reaper nodded and ripped his dagger'like tail from Slayer's flesh. In doing so Slayer collasped to the ground watching his blood covered the dirty in a crimson blanket.*
Rikusho: Let's go Reaper......funs over.
Reaper: As you wish master.

to be continued.....
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Name Kathryn
Occupation Student at TCC
Birthday February 22nd, 1986
Interests I guess I am a person who loves playing games a little to much. I also love drawing concept art RVB watching anime going horseback riding and going to the movies.
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Music I am very open to different kinds of music but I mostly listen to anime or game soundtracks such as HALO Inuyasha Chaos Legion etc.
Movies I love anime movies such as X-clamp Escaflowne Cowboy Bebop and Spirited Away just to name a few. I also love watching 3D animated movies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
TV Shows I love Red Vs. Blue CSI Gungrave X-Play Filter Trigun Icons MXC Inuyasha and so much more. :)