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31 year-old female from From Mesa, AZ but in Virginia Beach, VA
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Hey guysSup yo.

So...I posted an email about a week ago. It was crazy long full of lots of info and adorable pictures. Then when I hit submit I got an error message! It was then followed by lots of angry mutterings.

Anyhoo, obviously I haven't had time to repost it since you haven't seen it! SO, we are just forgeting that post and starting fresh. Minus the pics, they are too cute not to repost.

So...without further adieu...

Introducing my VERY FIRST niece!!! MaKenna Jeanne yawns are PRECIOUS!

Red hair and LONG lashes! Definitely from my brother!

Can I have one!?!? PLEASE!!!!

This is the very first beanie I've ever knitted! I think I did a pretty good job. Likewise, this is the very first baby my brother's ever made. I think he did a pretty good job too! ;)

Baby Blessing! Isn't this picture SO ADORABLE!!?!?

Go figure, Aunt Andra gives her a little baby gum brush. It had natural apple/banana toothpaste (obviously edible...actually didn't taste too bad <.< >.> ) She LOVED IT! :D

Yeah, so that was my spring break. Visiting my bro and his fam in NE. LOVED IT.

In more current news, I am SO done w/ school!!! I don't want to do anymore! I am really at the point where I really just want to be a stay at home mom. If I don't make it through this program, I really will be! That'd be ok w/ me too...

Anyhoo Saturday is my 23rd b-day! I am going to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And it will be beautiful! Rob's going to call me! CAN'T WAIT!!!!! :D :D :D We were emailing the other day and I said to him, "Can you believe I'll be 23? You know I met you when I was 19?!?" Crazy huh? Anyhoo...

57 Days till he's home! (4 more paychecks Bri!!!)

Good times.
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Name Andra
Occupation Student, Wife, and Sexy Librarian
Birthday March 31st, 1984
Interests I like nice long walks on the beach drinking warm apple cider by a crackling fire... he he he... I like to hang out w/ my friends mess around on my comp read write sleep photography talk to my favorite guy in the world (my hubby) and do crazy and fun things!
Music On my playlists you will find seriously EVERY type of music. But as for my favorite I would have to go w/ metal rock you know that hard alternative yadda.
Movies Brad Pitt movies (takes a moment to wipe away drool) not only is he delicious to look at but a very talented actor. More saliva this way please... Ewan McGregor movies... *drools* another very HOT and very talented actor (he has my birthday did you know that? well now you do!) . I also really like comedy and stuff blowing up or people getting their @$$e$ kicked.
TV Shows Conan O'Brien!!!! He is sooooo funny. I�39;ve been in denial for a while on this second one but sometimes you have to just come out of the nerd closet and admit that you love Star Trek: Voyager...I9;d like to blame it all on my nerdy (but oh so sexy) husband :-D I also LOVE X-Files! Got to be one of my favorite TV shows of alllllllllllllllll time.
Books OH! I have lots of these! Shelley's Frankenstein Orwell's 1984 Cormier's I Am The Cheese Goldman's The Princess Bride (def recommend if you LOVE the movie) Brady's The Marines of Autumn and Bradbury's The Illustrated Man. Right now I'm on a Dan Brown kick. I am convinced he is a GENIUS!! I&#039;ve read Angels and Demons The DaVinci Code (good but think A&D is better) Deception Point and Digital Fortress. GOOD STUFF! I can't wait for his next book to come out *GLEE* I just finished reading all &quot;The Chronicles of Narnia&quot; series. Good stuff!