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27 year-old female from Seguin, TX
Im just your normal, video game loving gunky who happens to be a girl. All of my friends on this site love me for who I am. And I love them back because they are all wonderful people.

OHH!!! Kitty!!! Given to me by Careless223:

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HowdyLooks like again Ive been kinda lazy to this site. Sorry all... Im sure most of you thought Id left for good. Anyway.... I have awesome wonderful amazing news! and some sad news

So I got a new job! Im a teller at a bank now. WOO!!!! I didnt think I was gonna get it but I sure did and it surprised me very much. Im still kinda in shock. Seriously amazed you guys. My life is taking a new turn and surprising me to new levels. And I might be able to go to school too because the bank has College reimbursement. Seriously.... Im amazed.

Sad news... well I guess my sponsership ran out a couple weeks ago. I loved being able to give a little to the guys (and gals) here at RvB. Eh, what can you do?

Well talk to you guys soon. Sorry, truely....
Love Brittany
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Name Brittany
Occupation King Ranger Movie Theater
Birthday December 20th, 1987
Interests Videogames Anime drawing writing reading videogames rollerblading hanging out with friends surfing the web eating oh and did I mention videogames?... sorry being stupid.. Ill fix it later
Music I like all rock and usually every techno song I hear. I can handle some country and rap. Depending on what it is I will usually like a song. A lot of my favorite music comes from underground bands such as Explosions in the Shy Moguai Pail Saints Idiot Pilots Red House Painters and many more
Movies Appleseed Resident Evil(s) Sin City Batman Begins All Harry Potter All Lord of the Rings The Last Unicorn Dark Crystal Labyrinth Willow Spaceballs Princess Bride King Arthur Reign of Fire Brothers Grimm UltraViolet Butterfly Effect King Arthur Pirates of the Caribbean Underworld 1 and 2 Legend The Xmen Movies The Notebook Runaway Bride Mean Girls Pink Panther Movies A Walk in the Clouds Mallrats Jay And Silent Bob Strickes Back Jersey Girl Clerks Shawn Of the Dead Waiting All Terminater movies 007 The Nightmare Before Christmas The Corpse Bride Meet Joe Black The Matrix(s) Friday Night Lights All Ace Ventura movies The Chronicles of Riddick Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within The Professional Kill Bill 1 and 2 Office Space Chronicles of Narnia In Her Shoes All StarWars ...Cant think......must write down all games books movies and shows and....then type them.............
TV Shows I watch a lot of tv but lately a lot of the new shows dont interest me all to much. But anyway here are some of my favorites... Meet the Barkers Beauty and the Geeks Family Guy FutureRama Inuyahsa Red vs Blue (not on tv but I think it counts!!!) Full Metal Alchemist and more but i think I cant remember them all. I'll add later
Books Ohhhhh ....you dont even want to know!!!!!!! I read so much its not even funny. I';ll list them later it and when i have time