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well folks i did it againif you are a frequent viewer of my posts, which none of you are i can tell (my feelings are hurt), then you know the extent of my medical history. and as the title says well folks i did it again. i go to school in sam houston state university and on campus is this everest sized hill and i ride my bike to class. well on my way home i discovered while coming down the hill that my bike's brakes do not work anymore. in a panic i take a hard left on a street but apparantly not hard enough because i hit the back end of a parked car with my bike. my bike immediatly stopped, however due to that douchebag newton whos second rule of physics is the transfer of motion to an object. well since the car i hit was in park and could not move guess where the motion transferred... thats right me! my bike came to a complete stop however i did not. no i kept on flying and i did a faceplant on the rear passenger side door of a car that was parked next to the first car. i broke the door handle in half IN HALF with my head (not to mention left a nasty ding on the door too). now for a smart person with somthing worthwhile in his head this would have hurt but for good ol thick skull me i walked away unscathed. but my nature is to laugh and joke about somthing bad and this was no exception. the first thing i said when they scooped me off the pavement was, "did anyone videotape that i wanna be on youtube" the moral of the story?

if at first you dont succeed... you fail
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