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UpdateSo, I haven't written a journal in a while...figure for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, I'd give a quick update.

- The Mayoral election that I was working for at the beginning of the year was successful! The candidate that won is the first of his party in nearly 3 decades to hold that seat! During his acceptance speech, he named me SPECIFICALLY as the campaign "MVP". Because of that, I've become an appointed precinct committeeman, have been hired part time as zone/regional coordinator on a statewide gubernatorial campaign, and have been recruited to help with 3 local/county elections, and 1 regional election.

- The wife had foot surgery recently. Shes still in a cast that she can't put any pressure on for about another 6 weeks, but I think we finally got daily life with her temporary disability down pat.

- Still working at the car dealership for right now. Got a call from one of my campaign people, and if I want, there will be a job available for me at the beginning of the year. I'm pretty stressed out at work right now, and I'm looking forward to a new change that will afford me more time at home, better benefits, and better pay!

- I have become ADDICTED to hockey this season! I've always like the St. Louis Blues, but never really followed them until this year. In fact, tonight will be the third game this season that I've gone to!
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