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I made a poem. Opinions?It is for an assignment that I am a week past due. Heh. I spent just about 5 minutes writing this. I ended up really feeling it. It's amazing what can be written sporadically. Anyways, tell me what you think:

The Kidnapper by Aquib Azim
I shall wait for you patiently,
I know you are behind me,
You've caught all my friends and family,
But your shadow has given you away.
You, who took my brother when young;
You, who took my love by the tongue;
I do not know if I will ever see them again,
But when I catch you, I won’t refrain.
Before, I could run away from you;
But now I understand what’s true;
You can come from anywhere, at anytime,
But I shall take it away from you, before you take this life of mine.
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