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25 year-old male from Newcastle, England, Great Britain.
Hello. I am an alcoholic simian. I am 15 years old and I'm not a goth or anything like that. I prefer to think of myself as a person. Anyway, I have a deep love of PC games, and books. I am a nice chap, one whom is level headed, calm and not one to get into fights (physical or verbal). I am an atheist, howver I am respectful of other people's religions, and I am a great lover of fantasy fiction.
That will be all. STFU.

Oh also: Visit the-betrayed.com

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HuhGood Lordy, I haven't updated this in a while. I really haven't had time, and I haven't really plucked up the strength to make the post. Needless to say you're all not bothered at all if I post something (hello to skizz and ironchicken, if you still post here, god knows it's been a while), and you probably wouldn't blink an eyelid if I posted that I was dying of some funny toe cancer.

Anyway, what can I say? Well, I can ay a lot of things, but that would be getting offtopic and some of the things I could say would make you blush, so I won't.

Oh god, WoW has me. It has me clutched up against a wall and it feeds off me, I tell you. It eats my money and then throws me down, and then I beg to play it. My level 31 gnome mage owns (I'm on the Kul Tiras server if anyone is in the least bit interested) and we are very happy together. I have a nice parrot and he's happy too.

I'd be lying if I said that WoW was the only thing. Civ 4 has come into my life and I enjoy taking over small countries as the towering might of India. Gandhi. He's an evil minded war mongering asshole. And I love him. Get this game. You need it.

And I got to play Oblivion at my friend's house yesterday. It's kick ass! Assassin's Guild FTW!

And I'm going to see Iron Maiden! WOOT WOOT WOOT! They're my favourite band so I'm quite happy.

What else? Oh. I'm still writing Eggsic (althogh I tend to get side tracked a lot. I'm writing like three books on the trot), and I'm well into the excellent Discworld series (must buy, astonishing series of books).

So yeah. I'll probably not update this for months once again, but hello everyone, again.
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Name Grant
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Interests Playing games listening to loud music watching films going out making bad jokes. crushing small orcs and goblins taking over the world going to communist meetings insulting garden gnomes kicking lamposts eating tv remotes fishing for elephants hugging bears being a busker mugging pigeons slapping my thigh rearing sheep trying to fit in with the other monkeys and making love to cattle
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